9 Raid Data Recovery Nyc Books You Need to Read

Do you have an interest in RAID Data Recovery? If yes, then read some books and become a specialist.

Some of the must-read books are:

  • Data Recovery Tips & Solutions: Windows, Linux, and BSD: The book of Kris Kaspersky guides about recovering data from Windows, BSD and Linux. Besides, there are separate chapters on raid data recovery, media restoration and preventive methods to lose data. The book discusses three areas of data recovery: operational principles of file systems, automatic and manual techniques to recover data. This book can build your basic concepts about RAID Data Recovery NYC which would then help you to become better in RAID Data Recovery.
  • File System Forensic Analysis: Brian Carrier is a digital forensic specialist who wrote many books on data recovery and its role in forensics.

Raid Data Recovery Nyc

This book gives analysis and description of file systems and how data can be recovered from them. The writer has discussed the dead analysis and file metadata. It tells you how to recover deleted data and preserve criminal records while keeping it hidden. Disk and RAID spanning are also analyzed.

  • The Backup Book- Disaster Recovery from Desktop to Data Center: This book is all about the aftermath that how to run your business when it faced a network or power failure. The book is about recovering data after a disaster and how to preserve or protect that recovered data. It can guide you about the importance of RAID Data recovery as it has analysis and discussions about real-world scenarios which can turn anything upside down. The book was written by Dorian J. Cougias, Karsten Koop and E. L. Heiberger in 2003.
  • Pro Data Backup and Recovery: If you are eager to know about current technologies and updates in taking backups and recovering data, then this book is made for you. It consists of strategies of this century in keeping data protected and saving it all the time. It has analysis on new media and its effect on data recovery, new backup designs and other current updates in it. The book was written in 2011 by Steven Nelson. So, read it. It will help you in understanding raid recovery NYC.
  • Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations: This book of Bill Nelson can tell you everything about digital forensic from A to Z. it can tell you that how to conduct an investigation, make a forensic lab, use tools acquire information and store it in multiple disks and drives. It has many topics on RAID data recovery which can help you a lot to learn about it. Its co-authors were Christopher Stewart and Ameilia Philips.
  • Data Recovery Now: Easy Steps to Fast Data Recovery!: If you crave to recover your laptop’s data by yourself then read this book of Scott Bridges and be able to control your blood pressures that rise because of the sudden crash of your devices.

The book has instructions and steps to recover data. The instructions are written in easy words and English which means that you would not find it difficult to understand.

  • Data Recovery with & without Programming: If you want that can give a detailed introduction to data recovery and RAID array then TarunTyagi is the best writer, you should read. His book consists of a detailed introduction in which each type is explained in detailed. There are many chapters on programming and implementation of data recovery with and without it. File systems, K-methods, clusters and ward methods, everything, is explained in it.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for InfoSec Managers: If you are interested to know to secure business and large data on daily basis- it will help you to understand com, by using efficient file systems and cluster methods, then this book is for you. It can tell you how business face disasters and how owners should overcome it by saving and securing their data and information.
  • Information Storage and Management: Storing, Managing, and Protecting Digital Information in Classic, Virtualized, and Cloud Environments: It covers many vast topics in which cloud computing, network attaches storage and object-based storage is included. It discusses how business can be continued in the physical and virtual world. Besides, there are topics about data recovery and its importance in business continuity.

So, these are few books which would help you to know about raid recovery NYC. Read all of them and become RAID data recovery specialist! Visit one of the specialist company in NYC https://www.raidrecoverynyc.com/ .