Tips For Getting Started On Ebay

Many people create eBay business account every day and build a business on eBay and other Marketplaces. eBay is a giant place and you have almost the entire world of customers. And if you’re just creating the eBay Business account and starting your journey, I’ll show you some tips here to help you succeed faster.

Tips For Getting Started On Ebay

Learn how to rate items

One of the main reasons many sellers lose money on eBay is the lack of knowledge in pricing their products and how to manage eBay business account. You must understand how to set the price on eBay to avoid losses and how important the eBay account management is.

Start selling things you already have

Most people think they need to go out and buy things to sell. Is not true! Surely you have several things that you don’t use anymore, that have been in the drawer for years and sometimes you don’t even remember, but you MUST start with these products.

Do not sell high value items initially

Many people tend to get excited when they start on eBay and want to break into the market by selling expensive items. Do not do it! You could be the victim of a scam. Start slowly and learn the basics before offering high-value items. Play carefully!

Know about shipping

Shipping is arguably the most confusing thing to learn when you’re new to eBay. Understand and learn about shipping, amounts charged for each type and weight, what can or cannot be shipped and where it can be shipped. These details make all the difference.

Buy some items to get feedback

If you’re new to eBay and just opened your account, you’ll need to purchase some items to get some feedback. Your eBay feedback score is calculated from all your transactions, not just sales. Therefore, it is advisable to be a buyer first, get some feedback, learn the basics and increase your feedback score.