Know When DIY Garage Door Repairs Aren’t Enough

Most homeowners are comfortable tackling routine garage door tune-ups themselves like lubricating moving parts, adjusting springs and tightening hardware. But serious issues require the expertise of a trained technician. Here are warning signs that point to when to call in a professional.

Door Won’t Open Fully

If your door fails to open completely perpendicular to the ground, it likely needs adjusting out of the tracks. Leave this job to trained installers equipped to handle precise adjustments without damaging door or tracks.

Door Binds or Won’t Close Completely

Often caused by misalignment of tracks or rollers requiring detailed manual testing and fine-tuning, binding doors can result in expensive damage if not fixed properly. Let an expert evaluate.

Strange Noises Develop

New sounds during operation can indicate underlying problems in springs, rollers, bearings or other parts. Troubleshooting noises is best left to the diagnostic skills of installation technicians.

Cracks in Tracks or Mounting Areas

Structural cracks mean the door may become unstable leading to possible falling injury. Qualified door companies like Garage Door Repair in Virginia Beach have techniques to reinforce compromised areas safely.

Door Stops Suddenly

Malfunctioning photo eyes or a door experiencing counterbalance spring issues could cause the door to stop abruptly when opening. Allow door company employees to examine sophisticated safety mechanisms.

Doors Become Difficult to Open

Heavy doors may point to worn torsion springs at end of lifespan. Since springs manage safe operation, professionals should replace to prevent injuries from failed springs.

Visible Dents or Damage

Impact incidents or signs of damage suggest repair requirements beyond DIY scope. Call installers for inspection and repairs meeting code and safety standards.

While many repairs remain handily DIY, calling a pro saves risks when issues involve fine adjustments, special tools or technical skills. Local companies also provide maintenance packages allowing regular tune-ups keeping doors in great shape for many years. Consult their garage door expertise when professional help is warranted for assurance work done right.