Keep Your Garage Door Working Smoothly with Regular Spring Maintenance

One of the most important parts of your garage door system is the springs that help lift and lower the door. Performing regular spring maintenance can keep your garage door functioning properly for many years. With the right spring maintenance, you can ensure a smooth operation and prevent costly repairs down the line.

The springs that help your garage door open and close take a lot of wear and tear over time. As the springs age, they can start to lose tension and not function as efficiently. This is when spring maintenance becomes crucial.

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Some signs that the springs may need attention include if the door is getting harder to open or close, if it doesn’t fully open or close, or if it starts moving slower than normal. By inspecting your springs periodically and performing basic maintenance tasks, you can address small issues before they become bigger problems.

Inspecting and Lubricating Cables and Pulleys 

Another important part of spring maintenance is inspecting the cables and pulleys that work with the springs. Look for any fraying or kinks in the cables. Pulleys should spin freely without any grinding noises. You can lubricate the pulleys, bearings, and cables with a dry silicone lubricant spray. This will help all moving parts operate smoothly. Be sure to also check that all nuts and bolts in the system are properly tightened. Williamsburg residents should aim to inspect cables and pulleys at least twice a year.

Replacing or Adjusting Springs as Needed 

Over time and with heavy use, garage door springs may lose their ability to properly support the weight of the door. As part of your maintenance routine, check springs for signs of wear like broken coils or corrosion. 

You may need to replace springs that show these issues. You can also have springs adjusted if they seem loose or if the door has started closing too quickly. It’s best to call a professional for spring replacement or adjustment to avoid potential injuries.

Keeping your garage door springs maintained through regular inspection and minor tasks is key to ensuring smooth, safe operation. Williamsburg homeowners who neglect their springs may end up with more serious repairs down the road. Be proactive about spring maintenance to avoid costly garage door problems and keep your system running dependably for years to come.


How often should I inspect my garage door springs?

Most experts recommend inspecting your springs at least twice a year. Spring maintenance is especially important in locations that experience temperature extremes or heavy use.

Is it safe for me to do spring repairs myself?

It’s generally not recommended for homeowners to perform their own spring repairs due to the high tension involved. Springs should be replaced or adjusted by a certified garage door technician to avoid potential injuries. Inspections and light lubrication tasks can usually be done safely yourself.