When Should You Repair Your Garage Door vs Replace It?

Over time, the moving parts and materials of a garage door will show signs of wear and tear. But at what point does it make more sense financially and practically to repair rather than replace? Here are some signs to help determine the right choice for your situation.

Minor Issues vs Major Problems

Small fixes like lubricating hinges, rollers or tracks, tightening screws, or adjusting springs can often resolve minor operational issues. Replace broken cables, fix dents or paint chipping, or install new weather stripping with basic do-it-yourself parts. However, if multiple major systems need work, it’s likely more cost effective to install a new door.

Structural Elements

Check wooden panels, steel sections and mounting hardware for cracks, bends or other damage that compromise the door’s structure and security. Major bowing, termite damage or rust that has perforated the material cannot be repaired. The frame may also need reinforcement if loosening occurs. In such cases of advanced deterioration, replacement is necessary.

Opening Difficulties

Significant motor or spring failures that prevent the door from opening and closing smoothly usually signal it’s time for an overhaul or new installation. Replacing individual components can end up costing almost as much as a full replacement, according to installers like Garage Door Repair Smithfield. They would thoroughly check your system.

Outdated Features

Older wooden or metal doors lacking sturdy insulation and basic security features like sensors can cost substantially to retrofit. While possible to renovate, a new prehung door may be an affordable upgrade that enhances functionality, appearance and energy efficiency with less hassle long-term.

Aging & Breakdowns

In general, wood doors last 15-20 years while steel and aluminum models typically function well for 20+ years with proper upkeep. Frequent repairs or breakdowns every few years on doors beyond their typical lifespan signal reduced reliability. Parts availability also declines for vintage models.

Cost-Benefit Considerations

Get quotes from local certified installers to weigh repair estimates versus a new installation cost including labor and materials. Consider resale value too since modern insulated doors improve energy efficiency and curb appeal. Sometimes replacement falls only slightly higher than repair but offers a fresher long-term investment.

So in summary, monitor your door for deterioration signs and weigh repair feasibility versus potential retrofit complexity or future costs. Consult an expert like Garage Door Repair Smithfield to evaluate structural integrity and determine the most practical, cost-effective solution for your home and budget.