How to Invest in Your Career with Online Courses

There are many local and overseas institutions offering online courses in different lines of work. The possibilities range from small courses to undergraduate degrees including free courses of all kinds. But is it worth investing in a online course? What precautions should we take when choosing one of these online courses?

Time has become one of our most scarce resources. Many people who would like to continue studying often face the lack of time to take a new course. It may be because they work all day and cannot be absent from home at night, because of the family, or because the journey home-work-university would take too long and make the dream unviable… for these people, an online course at Israel Figa can be the way out to continue training and, thus, fight for better jobs.

How to Invest in Your Career with Online Courses

Organization and dedication

It is wrong to believe that a distance course is less “pulled” than a face-to-face course. I have two degrees (face-to-face) and I guarantee: online post-graduation was not easier! It takes dedication and organization to meet deadlines and deliver tasks without a teacher charging during classes. The fact that you do your schedule is both an advantage and a disadvantage: if, on the one hand, you have the flexibility to decide when to study, on the other hand you have to learn to prioritize and define this study time on your own, under penalty of not being able to deliver the works.

Care when choosing online courses

Precisely because of the potential number of people who would like to take important course, there are many institutions out there that sell courses that promise but do not deliver on what they promised: certificates that do not arrive or are worthless, courses that have no content, colleges that they could not be offering online courses … Some care needs to be taken. Pay attention to these tips:

  • Find out if the institution is well accredited and can offer an online course. Check if the certificate is definitive or temporary, and for how long it is valid. Never hire a course without checking this information, under penalty of having a certificate that is worthless in your hands.
  • Consult forums and sites that receive consumer complaints on the internet to find out if the institution usually complies with its promises. Many take years to deliver a certificate, and if you intend to use it to increase your salary, for example, you will not like this delay.
  • Get all your questions answered before closing the contract: how does the virtual environment work? What mandatory face-to-face meetings will you have to attend? Is the monthly fee fixed until the end of the course? After all doubts are resolved, give the contract a good read, so you won’t have any surprises afterwards. Require a copy of the contract signed by the institution, as it is your guarantee.
  • During this Coronavirus pandemic, you may not be able to attend the institute. If the online course offered at Israel Figa is really important for your career than join it.