Paulo Dalla Nora Macedo – The Owner of the Northeast / Transbank Group, and The Cofounder of Power of the Vote

Paulo Dalla Nora Macedo is a very talented individual who’ve spend a significant time serving as a partner and an executive for a regional bank, Banco Gerador.  Before joining Banco Gerador, he used to run his own family company named ‘’ the Northeast / Transbank Group’’. It took him around twelve years to increase his company’s revenue from USD 90 million to USD 300 million.  This is how he embarked on his journey for financial sectors. During his early days in the market, he learned a lot about new things, and among them were also some negative experiences.

Paulo Dalla Nora Macedo

In addition to working actively for his projects, Paulo Dalla Nora likes to spend his time thinking about new ways of helping people. All the people in his social circle are saying good and positive things about him. You’ll always find him quick in replying to your queries. If you want to get his expert advice on something, you can contact him using any of his online profiles such as Instagram, LinkedIn etc. He loves helping other people with their problems.

Subsequently he joined Gustavo Castro to implement a new idea aimed at building a long term relationship between representatives and voters throughout the term. The idea got some amazing response from the people, and still it’s in use and being used widely. Users can vote and offer their views so that their senator and deputy are aware of how their supporters think about each topic. So for Gustavo Castor have over 45 thousands active users who’ve voted 250 thousand times in over 30 bills that they put for discussion in the application. What makes this stand out is that it’s free and run by donations from individuals.

Another reason behind launching Power of the Vote is to be able to build without owning, a crucial exercise for every businessperson in the private world. He said that he could map the awakening of citizen consciousness during his days at Berkeley University in 1999. He refers to Berkeley as a politically-engaged city, as he hasn’t been unharmed there. Upon coming back to Brazil in 2000, Paulo Dalla Nora embarked on a new project called ‘’the Art and Life Association’’ that was created to offer complementary education with arts for vulnerable kids with a poor background in Recife.

He got the idea of Power of the Vote from his own intense militancy – nonpartisan, taking part in informal and formal movements in which the conversation of public policies was the main agenda. Paul Dalla Nora feels no hesitation in talking about his friends who were or are in politics. He regards them as his learning source. All of his friends and fellows are equal to him and he loves being honest with them.

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