Where can I buy an iScooter X8 PRO?

The X8 Pro electric scooter is a great choice for those who are looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use scooter. It features adjustable height, 3-speed settings, and solid tires that make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, the cruise control feature is a great way to maintain a consistent speed. This scooter seems like a great option for those looking for a versatile and user-friendly scooter.


With a max speed of 25km/h and a range of 15.5mls, this scooter is perfect for short commutes or leisurely rides. It’s also foldable for easy storage, making it a great option for those who live in smaller spaces. The only downside is that it has a relatively short charging time of 3-4 hours.

iScooter X8 Pro is Now Available to Buy at Scoot City

Scoot City is a reputed online company selling electric scooters and iScooters at affordable rates in the UK. The company offers a wide range of scooters for adults and kids. They also offer a wide range of spare parts and accessories for their scooters.

The company has been in business for many years and has a good reputation for selling high-quality scooters at reasonable rates. They offer free shipping on all domestic orders and provide excellent customer service.

Reasons to Buy Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider buying an electric scooter:

  • They’re more environmentally friendly than gas-powered scooters.
  • They’re much cheaper to operate and maintain than gas-powered scooters.
  • They’re much quieter than gas-powered scooters, so you won’t disturb your neighbors.
  • They’re more convenient to use than gas-powered scooters, since you don’t have to worry about refueling them.
  • You can ride them even if you don’t have a driver’s license.
  • They’re great for short commutes or running errands around town.
  • You can fold them up and take them with you on public transportation or in your car.
  • They’re perfect for people who live in apartments or small houses, since they take up very little space.

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