The Best iPhone Applications for Fitness

iPhone has been termed as one of the best smartphones due to a number of reasons. Apart from offering an advanced set of features, it allows the user to have an application for everything including body fitness. If you have an iPhone and you need to keep your body in shape, there are a number of applications which you can use for this purpose.

Here are some of the best iPhone applications for body fitness.

The Best iPhone Applications for Fitness


Argus is a calorie control application which also keeps a track of different parameters responsible to keep a person healthy. For instance, it keeps a record of the heart rate that you have during the entire day. With the help of this tracking feature, abnormal signs would be highlighted in front of you. With the help of the calorie control feature, you can keep a record of the calories that you are consuming on daily basis. This would help you in reducing weight and following a healthy routine as well.

Lose it

Lose it is a complete application for losing weight, reducing calorie count and doing different physical activities. With the help of this application, you can determine whether you are becoming overweight or not. Similarly, you can also keep a check on the exercises which you need to do to reduce weight.

Cycle meter

There is no doubt that cycling is the best way to reduce weight and keep your body in shape. With cycle meter, you can make this exercising option more effective. This application helps you in keeping track of the distance you have covered in a particular sprint and the time that has been required to complete. Regular tracking not only improves your cycling ability but also reduces fat.