Rating of the best models laptop case

Current tablet devices are a stylish, versatile technique that is equally good in games and business tasks. Such an apparatus is valuable not only for the means spent on it. This is an effective tool, a repository of important data, a detail of the image of its owner. It really wants to be preserved as long as possible in its original form. And here you can not do without comfortable clothes for a reliable mobile assistant.

Among the huge number of products for the transport of laptops, there are models that, in the opinion of buyers, are considered to be among the best on the market. In the rating, many products participated, and, comparing all the advantages and disadvantages, among them the best were chosen.

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Rating of the best models laptop case

Multi-functional backpack THULE EnRoute Blur 2 Daypack

Designed to move the laptop and the necessary things, because it has a large volume (24 liters). Its special features include the presence of a special compartment for a laptop, designed according to a specially developed security technology (SafeEdge), which has a compartment for storing particularly fragile items (phones, glasses). Suitable for laptops, the screen diagonal of which does not exceed 16 inches. In the complete set with a backpack, there is a cover for a tablet with a soft lining.

Xiaomi Classic backpack backpack

Made of polyester, in a business style. The lower part is artificial leather, which prevents the contents from getting wet if the backpack is in contact with a wet or wet surface. The volume is 17 liters. The notebook compartment inside is for transporting a device with a screen size of not more than 15 inches. In addition, there are pockets for documents, charger, power unit, cables.

Compact backpack THULE EnRoute Backpack 13

Designed to move the laptop, the diagonal of which is not more than 13 inches. The compartment for the device is made using the SafeEdge technology, which provides reliable protection from within from mechanical damage. Its volume is 13 liters, it is made of nylon, behind it there are holes for air penetration, there is also a compartment for documents.

The backpack is suitable for more active and constantly in motion people. It allows you to carry your laptop without risking damaging it.

Bag and backpack at the same time Topo Designs Mountain Briefcase

It is designed to move a laptop computer with a diagonal of up to 15 inches. Can be worn over the shoulder, in the hands or like a backpack. Material of manufacture – nylon, polyurethane coating impregnated with a special water-repellent composition. The internal compartment for the laptop has walls that protect the device from contact with other objects.

Continent CC-01 bag

Made of polyester and nylon. Impregnated with a special composition of the fabric protects against water penetration. The compartment for the laptop is equipped with solid partitions, which protects the device from impacts. Suitable for devices with a screen no larger than 16 inches.

Bag made of durable and waterproof nylon DEXP DM1501NB,

Equipped with fixtures for the trolley. The internal compartment is suitable for laptops with a screen diagonal of not more than 16 inches, and accessories.

Having studied all the advantages of the models considered, everyone will be able to choose the most suitable variant of a laptop bag.

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