The Top 5 Image Editing Android Applications

When you have an android smart phone with a camera, it is obvious that you would take pictures. However, for posting pictures on social media platforms or sending them to friends, editing the pictures surely refines them. Here 5 of the best android applications for editing images.


Aviary is an image editing application available in both free and paid versions. The free version comes with limited features including image cropping, color filters, brightness change, contrast change and making changes related to saturation. This is a light application that can be downloaded easily.

The Top 5 Image Editing Android Applications

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

This application has gained a lot of popularity as an image editing application. One of the key reasons is that it offers a large number of color filters as compared to the other free image editing applications. It has above average editing features and allows numerous effects to be applied to the image.

Fotor Photo Editor

This is a completely free application and the user does not have to make any payments for using all the features. The image editing options include cropping, adjustment of brightness, changing the hue settings and application of color filters. The application works with various image formats including GIF and TIFF.

Photo Director

This application has both paid and free versions. By using it, you can use a number of effects including Gray scale, and black & white. The user can easily crop his images and bring them into shape. Even though Photo Director is a new application, it still has the same preference rate like a lot of other image editing applications.

Light X Photo Editor

Before being introduced for the Android platform, this image editing application was introduced on the iPhone platform where it was highly successful. This application allows cropping, application of effects and creation of collages and other modifications.