The Best Softwares to Prevent Your PC From Slowing Down

The speed of your PC would slow down gradually if you do not use a memory cleaning application to remove unused memory sectors and execute defragmentation processes. Here are the best rated soft wares which clean your PC memory and maintaining its speed. See Also: Warehouse Management System

The Best Softwares to Prevent Your PC From Slowing Down

Clean Master

Clean Master is one of the most effective applications for memory cleaning. It removes all the temporary riles, registry entries which are not required and all the other data that you do not want to retain. This application has an easy to use interface through which the user can select the PC areas which he wants to be cleaned. The speed of this application is quite fast and it cleans large memory sectors in quick time.  You do not have to open the application by viewing its installation folder every time. Once the application has been installed, you would be able to view an icon in the taskbar. Every time you need to execute the cleaning process, you simply need to click the icon. Along with that, “Clean Master” provides alerts when the system needs cleaning.

Wise Memory Optimizer

The “Wise Memory Optimizer” has an easy to use interface and a simple installation process. Along with that, it is an effective application that removes all the unwanted applications installed on your PC. Once you run the application, memory spaces occupied unnecessarily are cleaned and the PC speed is improved. It also improves the performance of the system RAM and has a very low CPU usage. In other words, Wise Memory Optimizer does not reduce the system speed while running. The best thing about this software is that it is completely free and runs perfectly with all Windows versions without any kind of problem.