The Best Android Based Action Games

Are you someone who gets an adrenaline rush by playing action oriented games? Action oriented games are truly addictive. These days, you can easily download your favorite android based action games on your phone instead of going through the pain of playing them on a console.

Some of the best android based action games are listed below.

The Best Android Based Action Games

Asphalt Xtreme

When you talk about android based car racing games with immense action and outstanding graphics, you simply cannot ignore Asphalt Xtreme. This game allows user to opt for his favorite vehicle by looking at 35 options.  Along with that, he can participate in 400 races and test his skills in 500 challenges.  Apart from the conventional arcade option, a multiplayer online competing option is also available. This gaming option allows the user to compete against a maximum of 8 other players.

Geometry Wars : 3 Dimensions

This is a paid game and can be downloaded using Google Play. In terms of interface, it can be easily said that Geometry Wars surely has one of the best graphics. This game has offers 100 levels along with multiple grids and modes. The user has to go through a mission oriented approach and complete levels as they come. It is a fast paced game with exceptional graphics. Even when it is a paid game, the price is undoubtedly worth paying.

Into The Night

If you are someone who likes mission oriented games with a touch of horror, this game is definitely for you. As a player, you would be required to kill zombies as they come in your way. You can choose arms according to your preferences. In addition to that, advanced ammunition would be provided to you as you complete the stages of the game.